Melissa McKay, 18, art student from a shitehole called Northern Ireland.

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If you’re going to reblog my uncles photography or any of my pictures please don’t remove the text pls and thank u

heath0r asked: Your blog is literally perfection 😍😍😍

Aw thank you! 😊💜


My uncles amazing photography!

how to be an enigma


everything personal♡

rabeist asked: Post when you are done

I will! 😊

rabeist asked: Whats the next one you are getting

I don’t have a picture of the drawing but it’s like an old school ice cream in a vintage frame, sounds shit but the drawing looks amaaaazing

rabeist asked: Post pics

That’s the two I have now

rabeist asked: You have any tattoos

Yeah I have two atm then getting my thigh piece on Wednesday :)